“The pain usually comes in the evening. It feels like thousands of ants running in my legs.”

“I hardly think of my problem anymore. Thanks
to Restpad I can sleep long and well.”

“I always have my Restpad when travelling, and
it makes my troubles go away.”
“When I’ve been training hard, it often stings in
my legs. Restpad helps me because it’s
important to be able to sleep after hard
“I had forgotten what it was like to sleep a whole
night. Restpad makes me cope with my
everyday life.”
“It’s strange that as soon as you have been
helped you forget your problems. Restpad eases my life. ”
“First I didn’t understand that I suffered from
RLS, and it was unnecessary too since there was a solution.”
“Every night was a nightmare before, I lay
sleepless and my legs ached. Now I can sleep
well and wake up refreshed.”

“I did not understand I was suffering from RLS, now I’ve finally got a solution to my SLEEP PROBLEMS”

How to help the restless legs / Restless Legs Syndrome

The symptoms and the pain can vary.
Read more about RLS

Restpad does work. Your
symptoms are gone within 15

Complaint free legs or money back!



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