Nearly 15 % of the adult population suffers from restless legs. Tingling, prickling and burning in the legs are the most common symptoms.

Major trouble in everyday life

Millions of people around the world suffer from restless legs syndrome (RLS) or Willis-Ekbom Disease (WED), as it is also called. The symptoms often comes when you are in your 30s to 40s and increases with age. To constantly suffer from lack of sleep and lack of proper daily routines can lead to big trouble. Others are forced to avoid flying, going to the cinema or attend long meetings.

Test yourself

There is a lot of ignorance about RLS. Many suffer needlessly when they don’t seek help or get an incorrect diagnosis, especially those with milder symptoms that come and go irregularly. Whether you are having big and recurring problems, or just suffer from time to time, Restpad can help you.

On  WED/RLS Association website you can read more about the disease.

Good results

Our studies show that almost 95 % of our users can avoid, or reduce, their problems with restless legs. The results also show, however, that those suffering from the most serious level of RLS/WED sometimes don’t get the full help with Restpad. Obviously Restpad combined with other treatment options gets optimal effect.

Try it – you get 60 days to see if Restpad also relieves your symptoms.

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