In order for you to test if Restpad works for you, you have 60 days of return on your order.

If the tape does not work optimally a tip can only be used to move the tape up or down to locate the place where the tape is most useful. The trouble can also move around from time to time. Learn more about using your Bestpad for best effect here.

Something unclear about the use Contact Us.

Our study and our clients show that Restpad helps to cope with the inconvenience next to all cases. However, there is a risk that you belong to the small group where Restpad is not the right method, so you should return your Restpad.

Return of your Restpad

If you have made a decision to return, please fill out the form below as fully as possible and submit it. Once we have received this, we will return with return address and instructions.

Complaint free legs or money back!



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