Restpad is a unique product for restless legs. For the inventor of the product it was the
first method that really worked.

Personal trouble

As early as 1987 cofounder Johan Wulfcrona began to suffer from restless legs. The knowledge about the
disease was less then today. He tested all solutions he could find – from medication to long evening walks
–without any results. But instead of accepting his problems, he decided to develop a solution of his own. g.

New research

It is found that magnetic stimulation can ease radiating pain in the legs. This made us think, if the
magnetic field can affect pain in legs perhaps magnetic fields over the areas affected by restless legs also
can affect the discomfort. Since we could not find such product we decided to develop it of our own.

Systematic development

We have, after several years of study and development with advisors and researchers developed Restpad.
Our well-chosen material makes a soft strap with nickel-free magnetic field that follows your leg. Along
with the pressure Restpad belt creates, the natural magnets relieve problems with restless legs – in over 95 %
of the cases they disappear.

Complaint free legs or money back!



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