Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about Restpad. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Nothing has previously eased my discomfort with restless legs, why should Restpad?

95 % of our users can avoid or relieve their pain. You’ll probably also get the help. We want you to be able to test it for your self, and offer you to try it for 60 days with the right of return.
Since the primary RLS is a symptom diagnosis, causing great suffering without clear and treatable cause, many of the patients who have tried Restpad were previously medicated with everything from medicine for Parkinson disease to painkillers. Restpad is a new treatment that helps instantly.

My symptom varies – can I use Restpad?

Yes. The belt not only adapts to different people’s needs, but also to each person’s varying degrees of trouble. If your symptoms are milder, on certain days and more stressful, on others, you can adjust the belt’s efficiency yourself. You do this simply by tightening or loosening the belt.

I just have trouble sometimes, can Restpad help me?

Absolutely. Restpad starts working immediately and suitable for those who only have temporary problems. You do not have to take medicine when you don’t have symptoms, but get immediate help when the pain comes crawling.

I have secondary RLS. Can I use Restpad?

Restpad is a small device that is designed and tested for primary RLS. Secondary RLS should be assessed and treated by a doctor. Patients with other diseases should always consult with their doctor before Restpad is used. There is no easy way to distinguish between primary or secondary RLS, and if you are in doubt, consult your doctor.

How does Restpad work?

Inside the Restpad, nickel free special magnets create a natural magnetic field with a pressure that affects the nerves in painful areas. In most cases, it reduces and relieves the pain you feel in your bones. To provide a deeper explanation, we need to explain our model for restless legs syndrome.

One possible explanation for RLS is that the central filtering of the always present noise from painful nerve transmission in the legs is reduced. This means that the pain unfiltered reaches those parts of the brain that perceive pain signals. The pain relief that the users feel due to the natural magnetic field in combination with the pressure affects the noise from the painful areas. Painful symptoms arise, in other words, like a noise in the nerve signal, and the pressure in combination with the magnetic field reduces noise like a filter. When the noise reduces, your discomfort does also.

Another possible explanation is that both muscles and nerves, in both vascular and muscle tissue, are affected by calcium ion balance. Calcium ion is electrically charged and is affected by the harmless magnetic fields Restpad create. The explanation is that different membranes in nerve, muscle and vessel change its permeability and consequently relieve the symptoms.

What does research say about Restpad?

During our work we have consulted and interviewed a large number of doctors. Together we have not been able to present an accurate explanation of how and why restless legs is relieved by the magnetic field combined with the pressure. But our pilot study has opened the door for a more scientific and structured evaluation of Restpad. We are in a continuous dialogue with several doctors and scientists to advance the understanding of Restpads effects in different groups of patients with restless legs. It gives us a deeper understanding of how magnetic fields affect the cellular and molecular level in primary RLS.

What do your studies say?

95 % of our users agree that Restpad has helped them. Strengthened by the fact that so many are helped, we have patented our product. We also CE-marked the belt and registered Restpad as a medical technical aid intended to relieve the symptoms of primary Restless Legs Syndrome.

Are the magnets dangerous?

No. The magnets strength is within boundaries of the Swedish Strålskyddsmyndigheten (Radiation Protection Authority’s). Our magnets produce a magnetic field that does not compete with the electrical signals that normally goes through the body. They do not contribute to overheating of the body tissue.

Do I need my Restpad all the time?

A major advantage is that you only need to use the Restpad when you are in pain. In that way, you do not have to consider your inconvenience for the rest of the day. Learn more about using your Restpad properly.

My Restpad is dirty, can I wash it?

Yes. Since we know that many people use their Restpad for long periods, we have manufactured it in a washable material.

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